Yuu Nishimura

Status and Affiliation


  • M.A., 2009, Kyoto University, Japan

Status, Affiliation:

  • Doctoral candidate, Kyoto University, Japan


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Fields of Bund-Research

  • National Cultural Autonomy and its practice
  • Bundist view of the Jewish nation and Yiddish culture
  • Relationship between the Bund and Socialist Zionism
  • Relationship between the Bund and Diaspora Nationalism


Recent Project

What was the “Bundism”: on the Bundist national policy and activities

I research the development of Bundist national policy, especially in the period between the two revolutions in Russian, as a basis for its implementation in interwar Poland. I intend to clarify how the Bund differentiated its national policy from that of other socialist/non-socialist Jewish groups and how the Bundists evaluated Jewish nation and its (Yiddish) culture. A destination of this study is to explain why the Jewish workers and intellectuals of that time chose the Bundism as their political activity; what made the Bundists Bundists.

  • Period:1905-?
  • Type: Doctoral Dissertation
  • Started: 2009
  • Based at: Kyoto University
  • Written language: Japanese




  • The development of the national program in the General Jewish Workers "Bund". On the formation of the idea "national cultural autonomy" in: Socialsystems, 12 (Feb. 2009), p. 203-214 [in Japanese].