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We warmly welcome anyone who is interested in research on the Jewish Labour Bund to become a member of


It is our policy to make all members of the network visible to visitors of the homepage. From researchers we therefore need some basic information in order to create an online profile as a tuer or a khaver in the members' section. has primarily been conceptualized as an academic network, but we would like to encourage anyone interested in the research on bundism to participate. Therefore, we have created a third type of membership, the leyener. Leyeners are listed on the page with basic information on them. As they don't have an individual profile, they can only be contacted through the general mailing list. If you would like to join, please follow the steps below:

Tuers and khaverim

  • Simply send us an e-mail.
  • We will send you a short application form.
  • Fill in and return the application form.
  • We will create your online profile as either a tuer or khaver and add you to the mailing list.


  • Simply send us an e-mail. If you just wish to become a leyener, please tell us and give us some information more than your name, so we can add you to the leyener's page.

Finally: Welcome to