Inna Shtakser


Status and Affiliation


  • PhD


  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA, USA


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Special Interests

  • Working-class Jewish revolutionary youth milieu in the Pale of Settlement during the first Russian revolution
  • Anarchist groups in pre-1917 Russian empire


Recent Project

The Making of Jewish Revolutionaries in the Pale of Settlement

My work analyzes the combination of change in both “structure of feeling” and social identity among working-class Jewish youth of the Pale of Settlement during the first Russian revolution. I claim that these changes eventually resulted in the creation of a new image that a young Jew could choose for her/himself - an image of a working-class Jewish revolutionary. It also contributed to a greater openness of the Jewish community to the idea of a secular Jew. The revolutionary youth created a new cultural space within the hierarchy of the Jewish community, based on their combined new and old identities as revolutionaries and Jews.

  • Type: Book
  • Period covered: 1905-07
  • Written Language: English
  • Started: 2007
  • Availabilty: published in 2014 by Palgrave Macmillan