Madeleine Cohen

Status and Affiliation

Status, Affiliation:

  • PhD in progress


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Fields of Bund-Research

  • The Bund in Poland
  • Bundist legacy in Soviet Minsk
  • Concept of Do’ikayt


Recent Project

Here and Now: The Modernist Poetics of Do’ikayt

My dissertation argues that the Bundist concept of do’ikayt is a productive lens through which to explore a genre of modernist Yiddish literature from the interwar period in both Poland and the Soviet Union engaged with “Jewish Space.” In other words, do’ikayt can help us to see and understand a movement in modernist Yiddish literature of the time that was concerned with the relationships of Jews and Yiddish culture to the locations of Central and Eastern Europe.

  • Period: 1900-1939
  • Type: doctoral thesis
  • Started: spring 2013
  • Based at: Deptartment of Comparative Literature, University of California, Berkeley
  • Written language: English