Hannah Berliner Fischthal

Status and Affiliation


  • PhD

Status, Affiliation:

  • Professor (adj) of English, St. John’s University, New York


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Fields of Bund-Research:

  • The Bund in Antwerp, Belgium


Recent Project

Emmanuel Rubinstein

I am researching my grandfather, Emmanuel Rubinstein, who was a Bundist in Antwerp from 1924-1940. I am also searching for a list of Yiddish writers from Antwerp, who wrote for the Folkstsaytung. I am specifically looking for my uncle Harry Horowicz. I don’t know how he signed his name in Yiddish.

  • Period: 1918-1939
  • Type: 1924-1940
  • Started: May 2012
  • Based at: New York City
  • Written language: English