Members - מיטגלידער

To become a member of, a research interest in the Jewish Labor Bund is a prerequisite. The network offers three different types of free memberships.

Tuers [yid.: activists] or recently working on research projects related to the Bund. You will find more in-depth personal information as well as project descriptions on the personal pages.

Khaverim [yid.: friends, comrades] are more loosely connected to, but nevertheless deeply interested in the recent state of bundism-research and therefore support this network.

Leyeners [yid.: readers] are members more loosely connected to the network. They do not (yet) have their own profiles, but are connected through the mailing list.

Tuers and khaverim can be reached either via their personal pages or, like leyeners, collectively by using our mailing list.


If you want to contact a member listed on the page who has not given an address, please write us an e-mail.

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