Motl Zelmanowicz: A Bundist Comments on History As It Was Being Made - The Post–Cold War Era

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Recently a collection of articles written by Motl Zelmanowicz has been published at Xlibris.

The Publisher's Descripton

The General Jewish Workers Bund (the Bund for short) has been a major voice of the progressive secular sector of the Jewish people since its founding in Poland, Russia, and Lithuania 111 years ago. After the Holocaust, which decimated the Bund, a small group of its survivors established a new headquarters in New York and began issuing a literary-political journal called Undzer Tsayt (Our Time), which has consistently published cogent articles about world events that affect the Jewish people. Motl Zelmanowicz, who has written most of the articles over the years, has selected forty-five of the ones dealing with events during the post–Cold War era for presentation in this volume. Since the articles depict events that were happening at the time they were published, they constitute a unique view of history as it was being made.

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  • Publication Date: 01/26/2009
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The Author

Motl Zelmanowicz was born in Lodz, Poland. At a very early age, he followed in the footsteps of his father, Ephraim, as an activist in the General Jewish Workers Bund (the Bund), becoming the local chairman of Skif (the children’s division.) He escaped from the Holocaust in 1940 and arrived in Seattle with his brother, Shloyme, his future wife, Emma Pat, and various friends and colleagues from the Bund. After moving to New York, he was instrumental in establishing the World Coordinating Committee of the Bund and has been its chairman for most of the time since. He has also been a major activist and, on one occasion, vice president of the Workmen’s Circle, whose ideology is close to that of the Bund. When the coordinating committee established the literary-political periodical Undzer Tsayt (Our Time), he began writing the articles on world events that serve as the source of the present volume.

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