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Previous Project

Pages from a life history: the radicalization process of Anne Rosenthal

The study addresses issues related to political memoir and gender in the autobiographical text “bletlekh fun a lebens-geshikhte" (pages from a life history) written by Anne Rozental and published in Historishe shriftn 3, YIVO, Varshe: Kultur lige, 1939.


Recent Project

Women forms of political participation

The main goal of this research is to identify Bundist women forms of political participation and point to the legal and social circumstances that conditioned their participation. This study employs a broad definition of political participation. It includes activities that women developed in the frame of the party and the independent organizations promoted or sponsored by the Bund.

  • Period: 1897 up to Second World War.
  • Field: Gender Issues; Forms of political participation of women in the Bund
  • Type: Doctoral Dissertation in History
  • Based at: Universidad torcuato Di Tella, Buenos Aires, Argentina