Roni Gechtman


Status and Affiliation


  • Assistant Professor

Affiliated Institution:

  • Department of History, Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Canada



Recent Project:

National-Cultural Autonomy in the Making: The Implementation of the Jewish Labour Bund’s National Program in Interwar Poland

This research project is an examination of the practical implementation of the national program of the Jewish Labour Bund in interwar Poland through a detailed reconstruction of the party’s wide range of cultural and recreational activities. The array of Yiddish cultural and leisure organizations sponsored by the Polish Bund constituted a complex Bundist subculture within Polish and Jewish society. The main objective of this study is to argue that, and show how, the Bund, through these organizations and activities, endeavoured to put into practice its national program. Thus the Bundist subculture in interwar Poland was a national-cultural autonomy in the making.

  • Type: Book
  • Period: Interwar Poland
  • Written Language: English


Publications related to the Bund


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