Frank Wolff

Status and Affiliation


  • Dr. des (2011, Bielefeld University, Summa Cum Laude).
  • M.A., 2007, University of Cologne (Thesis: Autobiographien Jüdischer Arbeiter aus dem Späten Zarenreich [Jewish Workers' Autobiographies in Late Tsarist Russia])

Status, Affiliation:



Fields of Bund-Research:

  • Workers' history and political activism
  • Bundism as a history of practices *Social History
  • Violence
  • Migration
  • Autobiographies
  • Theory of history and historiography


Recent Projects

Neue Welten in der Neuen Welt? Der Allgemeine Jüdische Arbeiterbund im Migrationsprozess zwischen Osteuropa, den USA und Argentinien 1897-1947, Eine globale Mikrostudie. [engl.: New Worlds in the New World? The General Jewish Labor Bund in the Process of Migration between Eastern Europe, USA and Argentina, 1897-1947. A Global Micro Study.]

Submitted, May 2011.

  • Period: 1897-1947.
  • Fields: Bundism Practices, Migration, Workers' Perceptions and Bundist Memory, Transnationalism, Bundist Identity
  • Type: Dissertation
  • Date: 2007-2011
  • Based at: Bielefeld University
  • Written language: German

Hirsh Lekert. Person. Deed. Afterlife

In 1902 Hirsh Lekert, a bundist shoemaker, shot at the Vilna governor Von Wahl, injuring him slightly. Shortly after Lekert was sentenced to death and hanged. Later on the previsously unknown Hirsh Lekert became one of the most mentioned and highly romanticized Bundist when authors were refering to action not thought. As a mixture of historical interpretation and the publishing of sources on the case this joint project between Frank Wolff and Gleb J. Albert will aks two central questions: How could a Bundist commiting a terrorist act become a figure that central? How did certain parties and groups in certain temporal and spatial settings deal with (or invent) Hirsh Lekert and his deed?

  • Period: 1902-1952
  • Fields: Memory, Historical Interpretations, Transnationalism
  • Type: Publication Project
  • Started: 2009
  • Based at: Bielefeld University
  • Written language: German or English



*Wolff, Frank. "Eastern Europe Abroad. Exploring Actor-Networks in Transnational Movements and Migration History. The Case of the Bund." International Review of Social History 57 (2012): [available via Cambridge First View, print forthcoming].

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