Andrea Feder

Status and Affiliation


  • BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

Status, Affiliation:

  • Producer of Documentary Production Company



Fields of Bund-Research

  • Focusing mostly in the height of popularity of the Bund in between world wars, its decline in membership post WWII and its recent resurrection.


Recent Project

Bund: Work and revolution

Bund: Work and revolution is a 12 minute documentary about the Toronto branch of the Bund and their experiences as members. I am currently trying to produce a feature length documentary about the Bund’s political practices and see if their grassroots approach to social activism can be applied for similar causes.

  • Period: Starting in 1987, but focusing from 1930s until today
  • Type: HD Documentary
  • Started: 2002
  • Based at: Toronto
  • Written language: English