TitleProblem stosunków międzyetnicznych w ideologii narodowych komunistów ukraińskich oraz żydowskich partii radykalnie lewicowych na Ukrainie w latach 1918-1921
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsHirik, Serhiy
JournalJews and Slavs

This article examines different visions on the problem of coexistance of different ethnic groups in Ukraine. The author analyzes press and unpublished documents of Ukrainian national­communist and Jewish radical left parties operated in 1918-­1921 (the Ukrainian Communist Party (Borotbists), the Ukrainian Communist Party, the Group of Federalists in the Communist Party (bolsheviks) of Ukraine, the Communist Party of Eastern Galicia, the Foreign Group of the Ukrainian Communists, the Communist Bund, the Komfarband and the Jewish Communist Party (Poale Zion)). Author traces the ways for reapprochement between those political forces in Ukraine

Citation Keyhirik_problem_2013